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Cambodia Travel Guide

New Draft Law from Angkor Wat

The new draft law of conduct, which stipulates prohibitions for travelers like banning from wearing scantily and touching ancient constructions, can be executed by the Authority for the Protection and Management of Angkor and the Region of Siem Reap (APSARA).

Visa exemptions to Cambodia - costly but worth it: officials

Tourism officials last week announced the loss of more US$14 million in revenue generated by tourists from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations since January 2008, when the government adopted a visa-exemption agreement with five member-states.

Amazing Festivals in Cambodia

Cambodia has a wealth of traditional and international festivals. Most of these are a time of great rejoicing for the predominantly rural populace, many of whom flock to the capital to join in the celebrations and witness the organized fireworks displays which accompany the festivals. It is at these times the nation unites with a shared common understanding of values and traditions and they are looked forward to with great expectation.

Top Five Destinations in Cambodia

Cambodia is a country with an identity that is not easily overlooked. Whether getting to know a generation of people subjected to a genocidal regime, experiencing the ins and outs of a developing and pious civilization, or backpacking its plethora of stunning landmarks and terrain whilst residing in provincial bungalows by night, Cambodia is not an experience you will soon forget. For the adventurous traveler fixated on exploring the nooks and reality of Southeast Asia, one need look no further. Here are our suggestions for the top five destinations in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Why travel Cambodia & tips

Cambodian tourism businesses have launched a colorful, global campaign, Adore Cambodia, to let GLBT travelers know they are especially welcome in the Kingdom of Wonders.

Cambodia in the eyes of a traveller

It's been two months since we've been to Cambodia and I am trying to remember why I liked its capital city that much. Not an easy task, since we spent not more than 18 hours spread over two days. The shabby roads, the no-traffic-lights system, and the sheer poverty of most neighborhoods make that even harder. But truth is I had a great time and felt more at ease than anywhere in Asia.

The complete Siem Reap experience

The town this lake is accessed from — Siem Reap — is essentially famous for being the gateway to the temples of Angkor. But with more than three million people living on or around the lake in floating villages, the Tonlé Sap is a stand-out attraction in its own right. 

The well-kept secrets of Angkor Wat

If you look beyond the smiling Buddha faces of Bayon and the towers of Angkor Wat, you might stumble upon a sleepy district lost somewhere in the shadows of its more popular neighbor Siem Reap.

Cambodia: The Unexplored Tourist destination

Ancient temples, empty beaches, mighty estuaries and rivers, distant woodlands and also (outside Angkor) only a couple of vacationers. But the phrase is going — Cambodiaoffers surfaced through many years regarding war and also isolation and is also well and truly back around the Southeast Oriental travel guide.

Cambodia off the beaten track

Mention you’re going to Cambodia and chances are you’ll end up comparing notes on the glorious temples of Angkor, among the most awe-inspiring – indeed, mind-blowing – monuments ever conceived by the human mind.

ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA organized Cambodia Tour like “James Bond film”

Travelers become the commandos with a mission to release the British Journalist in deep jungle of Cambodia who are searching a treasure and kidnapped by some Khmer rouge Soldiers. The commandos fly in on helicopter from Bangkok, Thailand and land and walk through jungle in Cambodia, crossing stream, abseiling big rock at night to reach the ruin.


It took me over six hours to cycle to the jungle ravaged temple of Beng Mealea – a journey that would normally take an hour by public transport. Call me crazy, but there is something so wonderful about biking through the Cambodian countryside and avoiding the main, paved high-way routes.

Cambodian Street Food

When traveling in Southeast Asia, a snack or a meal is never hard to find.  Food vendors who make a mean bowl of noodles, fried vegetables, dumplings, or sweets swarm the street corners and fill any available space in alleyways.  

Travel guide to Kampot, Cambodia

Sleepy Kampot sits on the east bank of the Kampot River and enjoys spectacular views across to Bokor and Elephant Mountains, which make up the sizeable Bokor National Park. 

DON’T MISS: Beng Mealea , a less-visited Angkor temple

Beng Mealea
Did you know that Angkor Wat has a stepsister?  Born to the same father, King Suryavarman II, little is known about her, not even if she is older or younger than her much more cared for family members. 

Angkor Wat One Day Guide: The Best of Angkor

One day in Angkor. Guidebooks recommend spending at least three to get the most out of it.  I chose to do it in one, and a one-day Angkor itinerary, while not optimal, is absolutely possible.

Bike Riding Through the Cambodian Countryside

The vivid colors, open air and bicycles were all in the Cambodian countryside. The experience taught me an important and unforgettable lesson: One of the best ways to spend time exploring a new country or city is to do so through bike riding.

Ratanakiri Province: The Hidden Gem of Cambodia

Cambodia is an amazing country; Cambodians are incredible people– resilient, creative, full of optimism and resource. The Angkor Temples are breathtaking, some of the most amazing sights anyone can ever see! Cambodia definitely lives up to its name as the “Kingdom of Wonder.”

Trekking Ratanakiri, Cambodia: A real “off-the-beaten-track” adventure

Have you ever wanted to trek through the jungle? Like the sound of sleeping in a hammock under the trees and stars? How about visiting isolated jungle villages and sharing a meal with traditional rice wine? Elephant rides, waterfalls, ancient tribal cemeteries: Ratanakiri has something for everyone.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia - A special journey to be back the past

Get away from hustle and bustle of daily life, the pilgrimage with the full support ofACTIVETRAVEL ASIA to the city of temple will ensure to bring surreal experience, enriching historic knowledge, witnessing the notable architecture and moreover a difference side of human itself will be revealed, along 3 consecutive days exploring Angkor Wat, Cambodia throughout soft adventure activities. 

What & Where to Eat in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is the largest city and the capital of Cambodia. It is considered to be a 'rough' city. But despite this negative reputation, Phnom Penh is an easy and wonderful place which serves as a great introduction to Cambodia. It was said to be the "Paris of the East" in the 1970's. It is trying to retain the old glory which lost due to certain tragic circumstances. The abundance of beautiful wide boulevards, majestic colonial architecture and park like riverfront with cafés and restaurants help make Phnom Penh a worthwhile destination. Besides sightseeing and buying ethnic items, what/where to eat in Phnom Penh is a major concern of the tourists.

Cambodia Travel Information

The years of fear and loathing are over. Right now, Cambodia is just about as hot as it gets on the global travel map. Peace has come to this beautiful yet blighted land after three decades of war, and the Cambodian people are embracing the world. Tourism is taking of, but a journey to this little kingdom is still one of Asia’s genuine adventures.

Phnom Penh Travel Guide

At times beautiful and beguiling, at times chaotic and charmless, Phnom Penh is a crossroad of Asia’s past and present, a city of extremes of poverty and excess, but one that never fails to captivate the visitor.

Sights in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is a small city and most of the major sights are fairly central. The most important cultural sights can be visited on foot and are located near the riverfront in the most beautiful part of the city

Drinking in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh has some great bars and it’s definitely worth at least one big night on the town when staying here. Many popular bars are clustered along the riverfront, but one or two of the best are tucked away in the back streets. 

Eating in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh has a cracking selection of restaurants that showcase the best of Khmer cuisine, as well as offering a healthy hitlist of international food’ that includes Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Thai and French. 

Entertainment in Phnom Penh

For news on what’s happening here while you are in town, check the back page of the Friday edition of the Cambodia Daily, or look at the latest issue of the Phnom Penh Post or the monthly Bayon Pearnik.

Shopping in Phnom Penh

There is some great shopping to be had in Phnom Penh, but don’t forget to bargain in the markets or you’ll have your ‘head shaved’, local-speak for being ripped off. Most markets are open from around 6.30am to 5.30pm. Some shops keep shorter hours by opening later.

Siem Reap Travel Guide

Siem Reap (see-em ree-ep) is the gateway to Cambodia’s spiritual and cultural heartbeat, the temples of Angkor. The town was a quiet, sleepy backwater until a few years ago, but it’s quickly reinventing itself as a sophisticated centre for the new wave of visitors passing through each year. 

Sights in Siem Reap

Visitors come to Siem Reap to see Angkor. The sights in and around the town pale in comparison, but they are a potential diversion for those who find themselves templed out after a few days.

Eating in Siem Reap

The restaurant scene in Siem Reap has evolved at a dizzying pace and there is now something from every corner of the globe on dining tables around town, as well as the traditional taste of Cambodian cuisine. 

Drinking in Siem Reap

Siem Reap is really rockin’ these days, a big change from just a few years ago when there were no real bars. One street now has so many drinking holes that it has earned the nickname Bar St and we are happy to go with that given the lack of street names in town! It is definitely worth hitting the bars at least once – each place has its own character, making it prime pub crawl territory.

Entertainment in Siem Reap

Several restaurants and hotels offer cultural performances during the evening, and for many visitors such shows offer the only opportunity to see Cambodian classical dance. 

Shopping in Siem Reap

Much of what is seen on sale in the markets of Siem Reap can also be purchased from children and vendors throughout the temple area. Some people get fed up with the end- less sales pitches as they navigate the ancient wonders, while others enjoy the banter and a chance to interact with Cambodian people.

Sihanoukville Travel Guide

Sihanoukville is the closest thing you get to the Costa del Cambodia, but fear not, development here is light years behind most Thai resorts, let alone Spain. 

Sights & Activities in Sihanoukville

The beaches at Sihanoukville are in a state of flux, as developers move in to cash in on the tourism boom. The best all-rounder isOccheuteal Beach; the northern end has emerged as quite a popular traveler hang-out nick- named Senndipity Beach, while further south it is popular with Khmers and midrange tourists staying in the nearby hotels. 

Eating in Sihanoukville

There’s a healthy selection of restaurants and cates in Sihanoukville. Most are open from about 7am for breakfast and close after dinner at around 9pm or 10pm. 

Drinking in Sihanoukville

Nightlife in Sihanoukville continues to gather pace with more and more travellers crossing by land from Thailand. The late-opening spots are all in the centre of town or at Serendipity Beach, but there are a whole lot of beach shacks further south on Occheuteal that heave until the early hours. It is hard to recommend any by name, as they may not be around much longer, once the new resort opens in this part of town.

Temples of Angkor

Prepare for the divine inspiration! The temples of Angkor, capital of Cambodia’s ancient Khmer empire, are the perfect fusion of creative ambition and spiritual devotion. 

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is simply unique, a stunning blend of spirituality, and symmetry, an enduring example of man’s devotion to his gods. 

Around Angkor Wat

The temple of Phnom Krom, 12km south of Siem Reap on a hill over- looking the Tonle Sap lake, dates from the reign of Yasovarman I in the late 9th or early 10th century. 

Around Angkor Thom

Ta Prohm is undoubtedly the most atmospheric ruin at Angkor and should be high on the hit list of every visitor. Its appeal lies in the fact that, unlike the other monuments of Angkor, it has been left to be swallowed by the jungle, and looks very much the way most of the monuments of Angkor appeared when European explorers first stumbled upon them. 

Business Hours

Most Cambodians get up very early and it is not unusual to see people out and about exercising at 5.30am if you are heading home – ahem, sorry, getting up – at that time.


Children can live it up in Cambodia as they are always the centre of attention and almost everybody wants to play with them.

Disabled Travelers

Broken pavements (sidewalks), potholed roads and stairs as steep as ladders at Angkor ensure that for most people with mobility impairments, Cambodia is not going to be an easy country to travel. Few buildings in Cambodia have been designed with the disabled in mind, although new projects, such as the international airports at Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, and top-end hotels, include ramps for wheelchair access. 

Dangers & Annoyances

As memories of war grow ever more distant, Cambodia has become a much safer country in which to travel. Remembering the golden rule – stick to marked path: in remote areas – you’d be very unlucky to have any problems. But it doesn’t hurt to check on the latest situation before making a trip few other travelers undertake, particularly if traveling by motorcycle.

Festivals & Events

The festivals of Cambodia take place according to the lunar calendar so the dates vary from year to year. Check against any Cambodian calendar for the dates.

Food in Cambodia

Cambodian cuisine may be less well known than that of its popular neighbors Thailand and Vietnam, but it is no less tasty.


Public Holidays
During public holidays and festivals, banks, ministries and embassies close down, so plan ahead if visiting Cambodia during these times. 

Gay & Lesbian Travelers

While Cambodian culture is tolerant of homosexuality, the gay and lesbian scene here is certainly nothing like that in Thailand. 


A travel insurance policy that covers theft, property loss and medical expenses is more essential for Cambodia than for most other parts of Southeast Asia. Theft is less of a problem in Cambodia than some might imagine, but in the event of serious medical problems or an accident, it may be necessary to be air-lifted to Bangkok, an expense that stretches beyond the average traveler’s budget.

Internet Access

Internet access is available inmost town throughout the country. In Phnom Penh price just keep dropping, thankfully, and now average US$0.50 to US$1 per hour. Siem Reap is a little more expensive to US$1.50 per hour, while in other provinces it can range from US$2 an hour to as much as US$5 an hour, thanks to expensive domestic phone call.


Although the occasional squat toilet turns up here and there, particularly in the most budget of budget guesthouses, in general, Cambodian toilets are of the sit-down variety. If you end up in the sticks, you will find that hygiene conditions deteriorate somewhat, but rural Cambodian bath- rooms are often in a better state than those in rural China or India.

Tourist Information Offices

Cambodia has only a handful of tourist offices, and those encountered by the independent traveler in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap are generally unhelpful unless you look like you’re going to spend money.

Visas to Cambodia

Most nationalities receive a one-month visa on arrival at Phnom Penh and Siem Reap international airports. The cost is US$20 for a tourist visa and US$25 for a business visa.

Women Travelers

Women will generally find Cambodia a hassle-free place to travel, although some of the guys in the guesthouse industry will try their luck from time to time. 


Jobs are available throughout Cambodia, but apart from British teaching or helping out in guesthouses, bars or restaurants, most are for professionals and arranged in advance. 

Lifestyle in Cambodia

For many older Cambodians, life is centred on family, faith and food, a timeless existence that has stayed the same for centuries. 

Greetings and visiting in Cambodia

Cambodians traditionally greet each other with the sompiah, which involves pressing the hands together in prayer and bowing, similar to the wai in Thailand. The higher the hands and the lower the bow the more respect is conveyed- important to remember when meeting officials or the elderly.

Cambodia Adventure Travel Tips

Taking part in an adventure tour is a great way to explore Cambodia . Many visors to the Khmer Kingdom simply head straight for Siem Reap, spend a few days ambling round Anchor Wat, and then head back to Thailand or East to Vietnam . THIS IS A BIG MISTAKE.

Photographing the Temples of Angkor

Angkor is one of Southeast Asia’s top-rated destinations, yet it’s still vastly underrated. The ancient group of temples most accessible from the Cambodian city of Siem Reap is unforgettable, jaw-dropping and worth every second and penny you might spend to get there. Before reading any further, I suggest you start planning your trip.

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